Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MTV music video is done. Oh buddy.

I've been on a social media fast for Lent. I've also put a hold on blogging for awhile.

I'll probably write on my thoughts on that soon.

But, I break my blogging break to bring you our Chinese music video debut. If you missed the details about the filming, here they all their blackmailing material glory.

Since the release of this video, we've had friends text and tell us they've seen it in their hotels and on the bus. As you watch, notice the lack of close ups on my fingers as I play the piano. It might be because they had to bring in a piano teacher to show me how to position my hands. It might also be that once I learned how to position my hands, I just pretended to type my name like it was a keyboard.

Yes, I still have the dress.

For a single that's put out by someone with actual musical talent (unlike me), check out this new single:

It will bless your soul.


  1. "When the frog cleared...."
    Oh my.

  2. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Carrie, this is fabulous on so many levels. I mean, you weren't kidding about the music video thing! The folks that put this together are legit professionals. Thanks for sharing. Big, big smiles over here. Your kids are getting all kinds of wonderfully unique cultural experiences. :) -Brigitte G.

  3. When the FROG cleared! LOVE! I totally loved watching this and reading your commentary on the story on your other post. Your blog always makes me smile and makes me feel like my life isn't the only confusing and crazy one as our family serves the Lord cross-culturally as well. It makes me breathe with relief to remember that there are other people who exist that get weird looks from folks "back home" about their activities...


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